Donatella Marcatajo, born in 1990, is an Italian painter. 
She's self-taught and she inherites from her grand-father her painting skills. 
She started her artistic path with comics, finding a personal way in watercolors and ink. Some of her works were selected for books illustrations. 
Then, she studied the realism in painting and above all, she's influenced by a kind of art that wants to spread a message. In fact, her paintings are always focused on women's rights and give strong messages about indifference of our society or people.  

From 2016, she's a proud member of IGOR: International Guild of Realism

She was featured in Beautiful Bizarre 016 issue (2017 March) and in Poets Artists Portrait issue #83 (2017, April). 

In my paintings, ‚ÄčI want to propel the viewer in my own exploration of the universe of women. I've always think that every painting could narrate a unique story : there's always something to tell, an intrinsic and deep story told through the face expressions and some symbols included on the canvas that could disclose and give your own world in a silent whisper.
I think to my art as an unusual duality about contemporary beauty and inquietude.I think that this bond has always lived in me, as an existential conflict of the soul and I'm trying to express it in my artworks. My aim is to investigate the human psychology and reveal the real ego, shattering the appearence, through a mood travel in the human universe and women's rights and soul.